Lebanese German University

Lebanese German University - LGU


Lebanese German University


Address: Sahel Alma - Jounieh - Tel. B: 206

Tel: 938938/09       Fax: 938933/09

Website: www.lgu.edu.lb

E-mail:   admissions@lgu.edu.lb



Laws and decrees

Licensed as an institution Collectors under Decree No. 1947 date 21.12.1999 on behalf of the Institute of Higher Education for physical therapy.

Turned to the Lebanese University German by Decree No. 794 Date 5/10/2007.


General Conditions

Language of instruction: English and French.

Teaching system: The system balances and attendance is compulsory.


Lebanese German University / School of Public Health

Specialties: physical therapy, nursing care, nutritional science, health and medical technology, medical laboratory.

Qualifications: - Bachelor's degree in all disciplines - (3 years), except for physiotherapy.

- Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy - (4 years).

- Master of Physical Therapy - (two years after the leave).


Lebanese German University / School of Management and Tourism

Specialties: Business Administration (management, banking and finance, marketing and accounting), hospital management, hotel management, insurance, tourism.

Qualifications: Bachelor of all disciplines - (3 years).


Lebanese German University / Faculty of Education and Arts

Specialties: Elhoudanip and primary education, educational administration, performing arts, the art of music.

Qualifications: Bachelor of all disciplines - (3 years).