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University of Balamand


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Laws and decrees

Decree No. 4885 date of 4 / 6 / 1988 - Establishment of the University Albamend:

1 - Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

2 - higher institute for the teaching of Orthodox theology.

3 - Addition of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts(Alba) to the University of Balamand.

Decree No. 9278 Date 5/10/1996, the establishment of:

 4- College of Engineering: Civil Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering - Engpalmikanik: Leave 3 + years Master of two years.

 5 -- Faculty of Science

6 -- College of Business Administration: Business Administration, Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management: Bachelor of 3 years, Masters two years.

7 -- School of Public Health and sciences: nursing, public health and the development of science, laboratory science, health promotion: BA 3 years

Decree No. 1946 date 21.12.1999, the establishment of:

8 - College of Saint George of the Medical Specialties

9 - Institute of Technology university

Decree No. 4112 date 17.10.2000, the establishment of:

10 - Faculty of Medicine


General Conditions

Teaching language: French or English according to competence

Mode of study: units and attendance is compulsory


Balamand University / Faculty of Arts and Humanities


- Educational Science, the language of France and literature, living languages and translation, Catalan language and literature, Arab language: Bachelor 3 years diploma course year after year BSc, MSc two

- Physical Education: Bachelor of 3 years diploma course year after year bachelor - Teaching French

- Information and communication technologies, Islamic Studies and Christian: Bachelor of 3 years, two years after the Master's degree - Teaching English and French

- Library Science, Political Science: BA 3 years - teaching in French


University of Balamand / Higher Institute for the teaching of Orthodox Theology

Bachelor of Theology 4 years


Balamand University / Faculty of Engineering

Terms of reference: computer, electrical, civil, mechanical

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering 3 years, Master of Engineering two years

Teaching in English


Balamand University / Faculty of Science

Informatics: Bachelor of 3 years diploma course year after year BSc, MSc year post-diploma education

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry: BA 3 years diploma course year after year undergraduate

The language of instruction: English


Balamand University / College of Business Administration

Responsibilities: Management, Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management

Qualifications: Bachelor of 3 years, two Master

Teaching in English


University of Balamand / School of Public Health and Sciences

Nursing, laboratory technology, public health and science development: BA 3 years

Teaching in English


Balamand University / University Institute of Technology


Balamand University / Faculty of Medicine


Lebanese Academy of Arts Fine ALBA  - University of Balamand


Address: Sin El Fil - Beirut

Tel: 01.502370 - 01.480056      Fax: 01.500779

Web page: 


Founded in 1937, the first national institution of higher education were considered public utilities under Decree 2205 Date 3/11/1944 and signed by the Minister of Education and Higher Education issued final certification by the Academy, which is overseen by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Under Decree No. 4885 Date 4/8/1988 is now a unit of the University of Balamand:



1-                                          Architecture: a postgraduate diploma from 5 to 6 years

Bachelor of specifications and quantities Kyul  - 3 years

Bachelor of Arts in management workshops and work in the Secretariat - 3 years

2-                                          Internal architecture: Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Architecture or design - 5 years

Bachelor of communicative spaces (convergence and communities) - 3 years

Bachelor of urban space in the scheme - 3 years

3-                                          Advertising: Postgraduate Diploma 5 years

BA in painting (published multimedia or comic, or through information technologies) 3 years

4-                                          Out audio-visual film: Diploma 4 years

5 - Fine Arts:

Fine Arts: Bachelor of 3 years --  Postgraduate Diploma 5 years

The restoration of icons: Bachelor of 3 years --  Postgraduate Diploma 5 years

Applied Arts: Bachelor of 3 years --  Postgraduate Diploma 5 years

6 - Organizing cities: Postgraduate Diploma specialist (two years after the diploma in engineering or architecture or after merit in geography, economy, meeting, science)



Possession of technical baccalaureate or equivalent, or baccalaureate technical competence required in the Lebanese  And success in the French language exam, interview



 All the functions of the Academy are supported by the Lebanese state and the certificates are issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education under the Special Act for the certificates of CAs.