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Laws and decrees

                Higher Education Act, the date of 26 December 1961: recognition of the American University in Beirut as a private higher education, list all faculties, (article 17).


General Conditions

Dates Date:

1-       1 --    For the first quarter fall: the first of September for medical students - the first October for the rest of the students

2-       2 --    For the spring season: mid-February to all students except students of medicine

3-       3 --    Of the Summer: the first of July to all students except students of medicine

Entrance exams: Two dates, last November and last December the first

Language teaching: English,

Education: System units, 3 semesters (4 months for each of the chapters I and II and two months for the third quarter)


American University of Beirut / Faculty of Arts and Sciences

1-     1 --  Specialties: The language of an Englishman, Englishman literature, sociology / anthropology, history, archeology, political science, history of the Arabs, the Arabic language and literature, Philosophy, psychology, economics, statistics, chemistry, Money and Banking, Business Administration, petroleum science, biology, physics, geology, mathematics, computer science, Middle Eastern studies, anthropology

2-     2 --  Certificates: University certificate (BSc) BS -- BA 3 years -- Masters MS, MA, MBA Years -- Aldknurap PhD Two


American University of Beirut / College of Business Administration

1-     1 --  Specialties: Accounting, management, finance, marketing, information management and operations

1-     1 --  Certificates: BS degree in Business Administration BBA - Masters in Business Administration MBA


American University of Beirut / Faculty of Education

1-     1 --  Primary education: BS degree (3 years), Masters (two years)

2-     2 --  Education Authorities: One year after the university certificate

3-     3 --  Health education: One year after the university certificate

4-     4 --  English language teaching as a foreign language, teaching the social sciences, teaching the Arabic language, science education, mathematics education: One year after the university certificate

5-     5 --  Guidance teachers, school management and methods, educational psychology: Two MSc

6-     6 --  Educational management and leadership: Diploma in one year


American University of Beirut / Faculty of Health Sciences

1-      1 --    University Vacations BS : Safety of the environment, medical laboratory techniques

2-      2 --    Masters MS, MPH : Health of the environment, health and hospital management, epidemiology and vital statistics, population studies.



American University of Beirut / Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Membership total high in the entrance examination of scientific merit in the college exam, personal interview.

1-      1 --    Bachelor of Engineering BE: Civil, computer, communications, electrical, mechanical, design graphic - a four-year term

2-      2 --    Bachelor of Architecture BE: Period of five years

3-      3 --    Masters two years ME : Environment and Water Resources, Hydraulics and heat, machinery and electronic systems, planning and organization of cities, manufacturing, engineering management, Applied Energy, Power Tools, Computer and Communications


American University of Beirut / College of Agriculture and Food Sciences

1-      1 --    B.Sc. (3 years) BS In: Agricultural science, land reclamation, environmental protection, nutrition and food regulation,

2-      2 --    Masters (two years after bachelor) = Diploma in Agricultural Engineering: Agricultural economics, animal science, irrigation, protection of nurseries, expansion of agricultural economics, agricultural mechanization, poultry science, crop production, food technology, nutrition, agricultural development.


American University of Beirut / Medical School

1-      1 --    Program of medical education: Four years, including summer to get a doctorate in medicine MD

Entry requirements:

                To obtain a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Science with a number of units in the natural sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and humanities (3 to 12 units, according to article).

                Enter the game

2-      2 --    Program specialization in medicine: Give a certificate in the jurisdiction of the holders of a doctorate in medicine in a number of terms of reference (two to four years depending on the type of jurisdiction).

3-      3 --    Program for teaching basic science in medicine: Grant MSc (Two or three years) , Ph.D. (Two years) MS & PhD Terms of reference: Flag of the human form, biochemistry, the foundations of medical science, physiology, pharmacology and Therapeutics, Microbiology and Immunology, x-ray techniques.

4-      4 --    School of Nursing: Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN (3 years)