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Laws and decrees


Established as a higher wisdom to teach the rights in 1875.

Higher Education Act, The date of 26 December 1961: recognition of the Institute of Higher wisdom as a private higher education, list all the faculties, (article 17).

The University of wisdom under Decree No.  1947 Date 21/12/1999, and include: Faculty of Political Sciences, International Relations, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Faculty of Science church Institute of higher wisdom to teach rights.

Transformation of the Institute of Higher wisdom to teach the rights to the Faculty of Law by Decree No. 827 Date 18/1/2008
The establishment of Faculty of Science hotel under Decree No. 91 Date 16/3/2007




     1 --  Faculty of Political Science and International Relations

     2 - College of Business Administration and Finance

     3 -- Faculty of Science church: the right church, Science church, the Church's social teaching, theology, pastoral and missionary

 4-- College Rights: rights, a special law, general law, the law of ComparativeThe law of Informatics, Informatics legal

    5 - Faculty of Science hotel (Decree No. 91 of date 16/3/2007)


General Conditions


Language teaching: Arabic + French + English

Mode of study: Material balances and attendance is mandatory


Certificates are available in the university

--   Certificate of Lebanon in the rights andPostgraduate Certificate in Law and PhD

--   Vacation and efficiency Diploma and Diploma Studies TheDegree in political science and international relations

--   Vacation and aptitude diploma In science and the ChurchIn The right canonical The Postgraduate Diploma in Science Church

--   Vacation and efficiency Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma and MA in administrative sciences and financial

--   Bachelor's degree in hotel.