Al-Manar University In Tripoli -- MUT


Address: Boulevard Al Manar - Abi Samra

Pp. B: 676 - Tripoli, Lebanon

Phone: (06) 426800            

Fax: (06) 426803

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Laws and decrees


Al-Manar University is licensed under Decree No. 720 Date 15/11/1990.


Decree No. 12844 Date 3/7/2004 (renewal of the license by decree)

 Colleges and the following functions:

1-                                    School of Public Health

2-                                    College of Arts and Sciences Humanity

3-                                    Higher Institute of Technology

4-                                    Faculty of Agriculture (Agricultural Engineering for five years).


Decree 16407 Date 23/2/2006:

Teaching of psychology, sociology, philosophy, education, and translation in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Teaching of hearing and nutrition in the School of Public Health

Establishment of the Faculty of Business Administration

Establishment of the Faculty of Architecture and Design

Establishment of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

The establishment of the Faculty of Science


General Conditions

The system of teaching: Units, the U.S.

Language teaching: English And Arabic


Al-Manar University / School of Public Health

Terms of Reference: Nursing, Audiology (Audiology), Feed

Certificates: BA 3 years


Al-Manar University / Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Terms of Reference: Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, psychology, sociology, philosophy, education, translation

Certificates: BA 3 years, Diploma in Art Education (TD) Year


Al-Manar University / Faculty of Business Administration


Terms of Reference: Accounting, Finance, hotel management, management of tourism enterprises, advertising and marketing, economics, management information systems, management information

Certificates: BA 3 years,


Al-Manar University / College of Architecture and Design


Terms of Reference:

1 - Bachelor of Architecture (5 years) - architect

2 - BA 3 years In: arts, interior design, decorative design, industrial design, graphic design, photography, arts Alstdio.



Al-Manar University / Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology


Terms of Reference:

1-     Engineering: Electronics engineering and computer science, engineering and communications networks, industrial engineering, engineering Biotabip (BA 3 years, Diploma Engineer 5 years)

2- Science: Information Technology, Informatics (BSc 3 years)


Al-Manar University / Faculty of Science


Terms of Reference: Biology (biological), Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

Certificates: BA 3 years


Al-Manar University / Institute of Higher Technology


Terms of Reference:

Informatics, Information management, email, Civil Engineering Technology, review and experience in accounting,

Certificates: University Diploma of Technology (3 years)


Al-Manar University / Faculty of Agriculture


Specialties: Agricultural Engineering (5 years) : Agronomist