Makassed University

Makassed University -- Université de Makassed - MU


University of Makassed in Beirut


Address: Musaitbah - Beirut

Phone: 377,533 - 365394/01           Fax: 365393/01




College centers



Faculty of Islamic Studies - Musaitbah - Station Aldhanawi - Beirut

377,533 - 365394/01


College of Nursing - by the new - Beirut




Laws and decrees

Decree No. 3485 Date 15/10/1986:

Higher Institute for Teacher Training, Higher Institute of Nursing National Higher Institute of Islamic Studies and the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

Decree No. 3585 dated 7/8/2000:

Transfer to the University Colleges of the purposes and objectives include:

- Teachers Training College,

- College of Nursing,

- Faculty of Islamic Studies (Higher Institute for Islamic Studies).

Decree No. 16404 Date 23/6/2003:

تحويل كليّة التمريض إلى كليّة التمريض والعلوم الصحية وإضافة إختصاصي العلاج التنفسي والتصوير الشعاعي لهذه الكليّة (بكالوريوس 3 سنوات).


University of objectives / Faculty of Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies:

- The voucher system, quarterly

- Duration of study: BA: 4 years.

Master: two years after the BA + message.

- The language of instruction: Arabic, as well as English as a foreign language.


University of objectives / College of Nursing

Disciplines: nursing, midwifery and obstetrics, respiratory therapy, radiography.

- Duration of study: 3 years.

- The language of instruction: English and Arabic.


University of objectives / Teachers Training College

Education is currently unavailable.