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Lebanese American University


Address:  1102-2801 Chouran - Beirut - POBox: 5053-13

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Laws and decrees

Higher Education Act, The date of 26 December 1961: recognition of the Beirut University College as an institution of higher education in particular, to its mandate list all (article 17).

Beirut University College turned to the Lebanese American University Under Decree No. 9278 Date 5/10/1996

Decree No. 3486 Date 15/10/1986: Master of Science in Business Administration, Masters in teaching English, Bachelor and Master of Science in electronic drain.

Decree No. 9278 Date 5/10/1996: College of Engineering and Architecture: civil, electrical, industrial, computer, architecture, College of Pharmacy.

Decree No. 1947, date 21/12/1999: College of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Department of Education and Social Sciences, Diploma in Science Education: Chemistry, Physics, Biology.

Decree No. 16411 Date 23/6/2006: Mechanical engineering, Mastrokadimi in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (comparative literature, international affairs, molecular biology), Master Academy at the Faculty of Engineering (civil and environmental engineering, computer engineering, industrial engineering and management).


General Conditions

Teaching language: English

Mode of study: Units - Attendance is mandatory

School year: 3 terms


Lebanese American University / Faculty of Arts and Sciences

1-        Biology: Bachelor of 101 units, 30 units Master

2-        Chemistry: BA 92 and Unit

3-        Computers and Mathematics: BA 92 and Unit

4-        Computers (IT): Bachelor of 92 units, 30 units Master

5-        Graphic Design: Bachelor of 114 units

6-        Science Education: Bachelor of 90 units

7-        Media arts (communications, journalism, theater, production of radio and TV): Bachelor of 92 units

8-        Education (Elementary Education, in pre-school): 90 units Bachelor, Master 30 units

9-        Catalan language, literature Login: Bachelor of 92 units, Master of Comparative Literature 30 units

10-         Fine Arts, Science, Social Psychology: Bachelor of 92 units

11-         In political science and international relations: Bachelor of 92 units, 30 units Master

12-         Teaching Arabic as a foreign language: BA 95 and unit

13-         Teaching English as a Foreign Language: BA 95 and unit


Lebanese American University / College of Business Administration

1-     Business Administration with a focus on: accounting, banking and finance, computer, economy, family-owned enterprises, international business, information systems, tourism facilities and services, business management, Marketing: Bachelor of 92 units.

2-     Business Administration: Bachelor of 92 units, 39 units Master, Master in Business Administration Executive 36 units.

3-     Hospitality Management and Tourism: Bachelor of 94 units.


Lebanese American University / College of Pharmacy

1.      Pharmacy: Bachelor of 180 units (5 years).

2.      PhD: 23 units (one year).


Lebanese American University / Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

1-     Civil Engineering: Bachelor of 154 units, MA 30 units.

2-     Computer Engineering: Bachelor of 153 units, 30 Master unit.

3-     Electrical Engineering: Bachelor of 150 units.

4-     Industrial Engineering: Bachelor of 151 units, 30 Master unit.

5-     Mechanical Engineering: Bachelor of 150 units.

6-     Architecture: Bachelor of 176 units.

7-     INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: Bachelor of 139 units.

8-     Art Decoration (Interior Design): Bachelor of 110 units.