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Laws and decrees

Education began in 1992 on the recommendation of the Council of Higher Education on 23/10/1992

Decree 2067 Date 31/12/1999: Free International University and includes:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

College of Administrative Sciences

College of Health Sciences College of Medicine with the exception of


General Conditions


Teaching system: The system units, 3 semesters per year

Teaching language: English in most of the terms of reference and Arabic


World University / College of Administrative Sciences

Terms of Reference:

Business Administration, executive management, human resource management, economics, accounting, auditing, marketing,

Management information systems, information technology, computer science

Certificates: 3-year Bachelor of 99-101 units,  And an MA two years, 39 units


World University / Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Arab Language and Literature, Islamic studies, انكليزية Language and Literature, Language and Literature, France,

Languages and Translation, History, Geography, press and media, political science, culture and education.

Certificates: 3-year Bachelor of 99-109 units, 39 two-year master's units,

           PhD in some jurisdictions in collaboration with Al Azhar University


World University / Faculty of Health Sciences


Medical care, nursing, medical tests (lab), physical therapy, off the legal, nutrition


Certificates: Bachelor of 3-4 years - 99-120 credit