Beirut Islamic University

Beirut Islamic University - Université Islamique de Beyrouth - BIU


University of Beirut


Address: Dar Al-Fatwa - Alzeidanip - Beirut

Tel: 797601/01                   Fax: 790667/01


Laws and decrees

Decree No. 3484 Date 15/10/1986:

- Establishment of Faculty of Islamic Call

Decree No. 87 Date 1/3/1990:

- Transfer to the Faculty of Islamic Call College of Sharia

Decree No. 9278 Date 5/10/1996:

- Establishment of the Islamic University of Beirut and The College of Law in addition to:

2 - Faculty of Islamic Arts and Architecture

3 - Faculty of Applied Sciences: Informatics, Applied mathematics, life sciences, earth sciences, nursing

4 - Higher Institute of Islamic courts

5 - a university institute of technology: electronics, telecommunications, computer science, technology education, construction and logistics networks, the food industry, Administrative Science


General Conditions

Teaching language: Arabic

Mode of study: materials, annual attendance is compulsory


Beirut Islamic University / Faculty of Sharia


- Bachelor's degree in 4 years: the Islamic Shariah, the Holy Quran and its Sciences.

- Diploma course in religious education: one year after the leave.

-- Master's two years in: Principles of comparative jurisprudence, Islamic studies, religious education, the Holy Quran and its Sciences.

- PhD 3-5 years.


Beirut Islamic University / Institute for the Elimination of Forensic


- Eliminate illegal: 3 years after the Master degree in Islamic law or rights.

- PhD 3-5 years.