University of Arts, Science and Technology in Lebanon

ِArts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon - AUL


University of Arts, Science and Technology in Lebanon


Address: Jadra - University City - Mount Lebanon

Tel: 972222/07                 Fax: 971901/07 divided: 105







Hamra - Beirut

752,370 - 343222/01



Laws and decrees

Authorized kmPrince collectors under Decree No. 3585 dated 7/8/2000 in the name of Institute of Management and University computer.

Turned to the University of Arts, Science and Technology in Lebanon under Decree No. 674 date 28.8.2007 and include the following colleges:
College of Business Administration

- Faculty of Science and Arts

- Faculty of Arts and Humanities


General Conditions

Teaching language: English / French.

Teaching system: Units / half-yearly balances.


Competencies and certificates

College of Business Administration:

Accounting, banking and finance, business administration, information management, finance, hotel management, marketing and advertising, travel and tourism, management of information technology (3-year Bachelor, Master two years).


Faculty of Science  Arts:

Include the following sections:

-                                           Sciences The The following disciplines: chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science, mathematics, mathematics of statistical, actuarial mathematics (BA 3 years).

-                                           Information Technology It includes the following disciplines: Informatics, Informatics and Communications (BA 3 years  The Master two years).

-                                           Arts department It includes the following functions: Decorative Arts, Interior Design (BA 3 years).


Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

Anthropology, Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Arts and representation, communication arts, religious studies, social sciences (BA 3 years), Diploma in Art Education (one year).