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Tayyoni - Beirut

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Fax: 01.392145


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Laws and decrees


Decree 3257 Date 22/6/2000: licensing of the Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development to establish a major center in Lebanon for the Arab Open University


General Conditions


Teaching language: English with the exception of primary education is in Arabic


Entry requirements: Access to the Lebanese Baccalaureate or equivalent


The educational system: System modules (credits)  \ Key chapters (each chapter about 4 months) in addition to the summer term (8 weeks) for some materials.


The system of teaching:


-         Attendance is mandatory once a week for each subject

-         To meet with teachers over the week and until the late hours, according to student need

-         Continuous assessment (tests and projects and reports)

-         Final examinations


Times of study:

From eight in the morning until the ninth evening


Arab Open University / terms of reference and certificates



1-     B.Sc. in information technology and computer in one of the Specialties The following:

-         Information Technology and Programming   

-         Computer programming

-         Information Technology and Communications

-         Administration On Information

2-     BA  In business administration in one of the Specialties The following:

-         Business Administration

-         Systems

-         Business

-         Marketing

-         Accounting

3-     BA in English in one of the Specialties The following:

-         English  And Literature

-         English  With the Department of Business


4-     Bachelor of Education Primary


* In addition to bachelor's degree from the Arab Open University, the terms of reference of information technologies and computer and business administration and English language and literature empowers the student to obtain a bachelor's degree from the University of British Open as well.