Lebanese University / Faculty of Agriculture


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Dikwana - Mount Lebanon





1 - undergraduate:

Agricultural Engineering in the terms of reference:

Plant production, plant protection, food science and technology, landscaping, natural resources, agricultural economics, animal science.

Terms of Affiliation:

- Possession of the Lebanese public high school diploma or equivalent official.

- To engage in games in the month of July: Arabic and foreign, natural sciences, mathematics, chemistry, physics.

- Teaching in French or English.

- Can living with first year students and above in the Faculty of Science (natural sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics) in accordance with the new curricula of the systemLMDMay submit a request to the Scientific Committee of the college to amend the successful courses within the Faculty of Science.


- Diploma in Agricultural Engineering Master degree - (5 years).

- Diploma of Veterinary Medicine - (6 years).


2 - Graduate: