Lebanese University / Faculty of Medical Sciences


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1 - undergraduate:

General Medicine - (7 years).

Terms of Affiliation:

- Possession of the Lebanese public high school diploma or equivalent official.

- To be successful in the first year in the Faculty of Science specialty natural sciences at 12/20 and above, and submit to enter the game in college during the month of September.

- Depends on the total French and English language teaching.


- PhD in General Medicine.


2 - Graduate:

- PhD medical specialist  (3-7 years) according to the terms of reference.

- General surgery, bone surgery, women's generation, surgery, urology, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, heart, brain surgery, plastic surgery and rehabilitation, cardiology, ear, nose and throat surgery, eye surgery, anesthesia, recovery, pediatrics, Alebattologia, science laboratory, clinical diagnosis X-ray, mental illness, internal medicine, skin diseases, neurological diseases, heart disease, digestive diseases, kidney diseases, rheumatism, blood diseases and cancer, infectious diseases, endocrine diseases, chest diseases.

Terms of Affiliation:

- Tournament of acceptance.

- Progress to the Commission carefully.


Doctor doctor specialist.