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Kindergarten - Mount Lebanon





1 - undergraduate:

Kindergartens, elementary education a first step, a second elementary education (mathematics and science, foreign language, the language of Arab and empowerment program), physical education and sports, art education (music, visual arts, theater).

Terms of Affiliation:

- Tournament entry during the month of September.

- Possession of the Lebanese public high school diploma or equivalent official.

- Success in the admission exam and includes the following articles: Tvavp general Arabic language, general culture in a foreign language and general culture in the Science and Mathematics (for students of this jurisdiction). And testing process (terms of reference for physical education and sports and art education).

- Success in the oral interview.


Educational leave in Education (Maîtrise d'enseignement) - 4 years.


2 - Graduate:

Middle school and secondary education, educational administration, inspection of education, educational guidance, educational guidance educational, kindergarten, primary education, secondary and intermediate education, educational guidance, educational administration.

Terms of Affiliation:

A --  Enter the game during the month of September.

B - requires the student to participate in the game on to the Postgraduate Diploma, and efficiency:

- Possession of educational leave or the equivalent official in the jurisdiction.

- Access to the rate of 12/20 in the four years of study leave.

- Be accepted, according to the sequence of degrees of success in the game, according to the number specified in advance.


-      Efficiency (Masters) in secondary education - one year for BA and two years learning to drive a university degree.

-      Postgraduate Diploma - two years at least.

-      PhD in Education - (3 years at least) after the Postgraduate Diploma.